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For reservations, please email us at reservations@cubatravelusa.com  or click here if you already know which hotels and flights you want. You can also call 619-487-5212.

Click here to see flight schedules from gateway cities going directly to Cuba.

What you should know about making reservations:   Traveling to Cuba is a unique experience, so don't expect much regarding the booking system to work like it does in the USA or elsewhere.  It takes longer.  Add to that, that It is a little bit different at each departure or gateway city, but here is an explanation of how things might work at some of the more popular departure cities, like Cancun, Mexico City, and Nassau.  Always allow at least 3 hours between international flights. 

How to pay....Payment can be in the form of Visa, MasterCard, cashier's check, or money order.

Cancun....this is the most popular departure point for most Americans.  Why?  Primarily because Cancun is the number one destination for American travelers and because there are three flights going from Cancun to Cuba almost every day.  Aeromexico currently offers 2 flights per week. Cubana offers one flight per day out of Cancun.   The flights take about one hour and 20 minutes. See schedule here.

Cubana currently charges $359 for a round trip ticket .  Add to this $18 for a visa,  $90 fuel and security  tax, and $30 airport tax.

We offer our best package prices for those who travel to Cuba from Cancun on Cubana de Aviacion.  Packages generally include the flight, the hotel, breakfast and transfers from the airport to the hotel and back.

Nassau, Bahamas....There are several flights per week out of Nassau.  Currently $399 roundtrip and up + tax and tourist visa. See flight schedule here.

Mexico City....Cubana offers 5 flights per week out of Mexico City.   Approx $550-$700 roundtrip However rates fluctuate and can cost much more during peak travel periods.

We were the first Americans to sign a contract with Cuba after their Revolution.  It was on July 4, 1977.