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Cuba: How Americans will Regain their Travel Rights



You are the least free travelers in the democratic world. There is only one way to regain your travel rights....GO TO CUBA! Protest with your feet and your actions by GOING! Otherwise, we will become the Nazis, the Fascist or the Communists of the 21st Century. We seem to be headed that way! BEST TO STOP IT NOW!

First of all....we are in violation of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (Section 13.2), which says that any citizen of any country should be able to leave his county, cross international boundaries and then return to his country without problems or harassment from his own government. NOT HERE! When you return, if you tell the US officials that you have been to Cuba, you will be seriously hassled in some cases. In fact, you are subject to a fine of up to $250,000 and up to 10 years in prison.

Our nation is in violation of the Helsinki Agreements, which encourages the freedom to travel, people to people contact, cultural exchanges, scientific exchanges, student exchanges and much, much more. Travel is considered a human right according to the Helsinki Agreements! BUT OUR NATION DOES NOT HONOR IT'S SIGNATURE ON THE HELSINKI AGREEMENTS AT LEAST NOT WHEN IT COMES TO CUBA!

Next, our nation's leaders lied to us about the reasons for the travel ban to Cuba. Former experts from the State Department and the CIA have made sworn testimonials regarding the reasons for the travel restrictions, calling them "an outright lie" and referring to them as a "fraud".

The US Supreme Court, allowed these sanctions, not knowing the government lied to us, but even then said they were allowing these restrictions only because Cuba might use the money obtained from American tourists for Cuban adventurism around the world. Even if that were true at the time, it is not true today and therefore these travel sanctions should be ended!

The Pentagon declared in May of 1998 that Cuba was no threat to the United States or any of their other neighbors! May we ask, what reasons are there for travel sanctions? China and Vietnam are both communist nations and we have no travel sanctions to either....why Cuba?

We could say that Cuba violates human rights. That may be true! But isn't our nation one of the biggest violators of human rights? Can we ever forget, the recent cases in New York of 41 shots fired at an unarmed man, killing him? Can we forget that the police have been found guilty of shoving a broom stick up a man's rectum and then shoving it in his mouth? According to Amnesty International, there are numerous violations of human rights in this nation and serious problems with our prison system.

Can we ever forget Waco, Kent State, Rodney King, Ruby Ridge and the list could go on and on.

Yes, Fidel Castro's government has expropriated land belonging to others....but haven't we done the same, only worse? In fact, didn't we steal this entire nation from the American Indians?  Didn't we steal Texas from Mexico? Have we ever paid for either?

Didn't this nation slaughter as many as 15 million American Indians? How about the 6 million black Africans that died in route to this nation for slavery? What about the 4-6 million Vietnamese that died in that so called "police action". What about the 4,000 Panamanians that died in that George Bush invasion? Then there is Kosovo, Grenada, Lebanon, the Gulf War, Afghanistan  and the list could probably go on and on!

Thousands of Cubans have died as a result of this Cuban Embargo. Do we as Americans really want to use food and medicine as weapons to conduct war against babies, women and the elderly?

Fidel Castro may indeed be a bad boy, but is he even in the league with the Nazis, Fascists or the Russian or Chinese Commies? I don't think so! Does America even come close to having clean hands?

There is a better way....that is by allowing the wonderful American citizens to go to Cuba and extend their hands of friendship. If that happens, Fidel Castro's days will probably be numbered!



We are Americans! We are loyal Americans! We are the ones telling you that your government lied to you about the reasons for banning travel to Cuba. We are the ones who will provide you with the "hard evidence". Don't allow this to continue. Protest by going and then vote people like Jesse Helms (R-NC), Robert Toricelli (D-NJ), Bob Graham (D-Fl) and Dan Burton (R-IN) and others out of office next time around. Let us tell you how to get to Cuba starting tomorrow if you like! I have been more than 150 times (more than 1500 days)..you should know this story!

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