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Cycling in Cuba

Cuba is a great place to ride. There's a reason you still see cars on the roads from the 1950s in Cuba. That's because they have a car shortage. So, most Cubans get around by bicycle. The combination of drivers being accustomed to seeing bicyclists on a regular basis with the lack of traffic makes Cuba a great place to ride. Not to mention the beautiful scenery and friendly Cuban people. After you get outside of Havana, you will experience very little traffic in Cuba. However, if you plan on doing much cycling in Havana, you should be accustomed to riding in urban areas.  If you plan on bringing your own bicycle, please be sure to bring spare parts and a few tools as most Cubans aren't riding around on high end road bikes or touring bikes and compatible parts can be difficult to find. Hybrid bikes can also be rented in Habana at  reasonable rates. If you aren't planning on logging major miles in Cuba, you might also consider bringing an inexpensive bicycle and donating it to someone in need before you leave.