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Dan Snow  

Americans like us fight all the travel battles for you.

Do you realize the importance of buying from an American travel agent or tour operator? When it comes to travel to Cuba, Americans should  consider buying from another American. Why? Because we are the ones leading the charge to restore American travel rights and make the citizens of this nation the freest on earth when it comes to travel rights. Today, we rank last among nations claiming to be democratic. Even the Russians enjoy unrestricted travel liberties during peacetime.

The US government has proven their lack of respect for international travel that was once considered a Constitutional Right in this country. They even like to bad mouth other nations for their Human Rights violations when it states perfectly clear in the Universal Declaration on Human Rights (Section 13-2), that all citizens of any nation should be able to leave that country and then return without fear of prosecution or fines. Does the US government respect that most respected of all Human Rights Declarations....of course not!

How many times have we heard a President stand before the Berlin Wall like President Reagan did and say "Tear down that wall"! The US claims that other countries used monetary issues as reasons to prevent their citizens from traveling. Guess what? The US is now the one using monetary reasons (Section 515.560) of the Treasury Department's Cuban Assets Control Regulations to prevent Americans from traveling to Cuba and spending money.

If you want those insane travel regulation ended....then consider buying your Cuban travel packages from an American travel expert or tour operator. They are the ones and the only ones who can end this insanity; they are the ones fighting in US courts: they are exposing the lies and wrongdoing of our own government; Last but not least they are the ones who want you to be the freest people on earth....not our government! If you agree.....BUY AMERICAN!


Americans like us take the risks. Americans like us take the US government to court. Americans like us expose the lies our government tells us about Cuba. Americans like us provide the public relations with regard to travel to Cuba. Americans like us create the programs in Cuba. Is that important? You bet your life it is important.

Of course it is OK to buy your trip from a Canadian, a Mexican, a Bahamian or a Cuban agent....that is the American way....but will that help to restore the "freedom to travel" for Americans? YOU BE THE JUDGE! When you want to travel to Cuba for whatever the reasons....consider dialing 760-487-5212 or just click on our e-mail address below. If Cuba offers it....we have it! WE ARE AMERICANS.


Email: reservations@cubatravelusa.com