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We find it interesting that more people do not want to travel to Camaguey Province, one of the best places in all of Cuba. Camaguey is the largest Province in all of Cuba and the City of Camaguey is the third largest city (about 300,000).

There are beautiful beaches along the north shore of Camaguey and mostly swampland along the south. The fairly flat grasslands are in the middle and much of Cuba's beef cattle and dairy cattle are raised in this part of of the country.

Santa Lucia Beach is located on the north shore and is probably Camaguey's top tourist attraction at this moment. The beaches are incredible and the scuba diving superb.

There are several other beaches ripe for development like Cayo Romano, currently a wildlife preserve and Cayo Sabinal, very close to Santa Lucia Beach.

We believe that ultimately the area of the Jardines de la Reina will be developed around the Gulf of Anna Maria. It is a 100 mile long stretch of small islands that is incredible for scuba diving and such other activities as fishing for bonefish, tarpon and permit. We have led the charge that has helped to open the doors to the tens of thousands of Americans visiting Cuba today. In fact, we were the first Americans to sign a contract with Cuba after their Revolution. If you would like more information and rates regarding a trip to Cuba, just click on our e-mail address below.



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