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Chateau Miramar - Miramar


Designed for business travelers, this beautiful luxury hotel provides special rooms and state-of-the-art communications technology to respond to any need.

Situated in the residential area of Miramar – eight kilometers from the city center and 17 kilometers from José Martí International Airport – where the majority of diplomatic headquarters, embassies, joint venture offices and exhibition centers are located. The hotel provides facilities for conferences and other business events.

The hotel offers 50 air-conditioned rooms – interactive TV with Internet access, various communications systems, individual safes, and an international bar and restaurant to complement the excellent services of its highly-qualified staff.

Like other hotels of its kind, the luxury Chateau Miramar – just a few meters from the seafront – also has a large swimming pool, restaurants, car rental, shops and several recreation areas.

It is an extremely tranquil place surrounded by natural beauty and with exquisite decor, where green areas combine with lakes and fountains. Its bright lighting, luxurious furniture,  comfort and elegance compliment each other. Artwork and soft music are an added charm in the sober setting.

But it is not just an ideal place for business meetings, as couples can watch the moon rise over the sea from every room.


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