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Ciego de Avila

Ciego de Avila Province is in the central part of Cuba. It is probably most famous for its friendly people in the city of Moron, the bass fishing at Lake Redonda, the hunting around Moron, the bonefish, tarpon, permit and scuba diving at the Last Paradise Keys and more recently the founding and development of Cayo Coco!

For the traveler not interested in the famous Cuban places like Havana, Santiago de Cuba and Varadero Beach, a great selection is the Province of Ciego de Avila. It has lots to offer!

For example, the city of Moron (about 50,000 people) is fast becoming known as Cuba's friendliest city. In some opinions, this indeed is the real Cuba with the real Cuban people.

Ernest Hemingway loved this area of Cuba and spent a lot of time at Cayo Guillermo, a place where the hotels, the bars and even the restaurants are all named after him, his home, his fishing guide, etc.

Ciego de Avila is also the home of Fello Echemandia, known by many as the world's greatest trophy bass fisherman. Fello is 45 times Cuban National Fishing Champion. He has to his record a 21 pound bass, a 20.16 pound bass, too many over 15 pounds to mention and an unbelievable of bass over 10 pounds. A legend indeed! Some of the 13 million American bass fishermen might be interested in visiting the apartment of Fello, get your picture made with him, get an autograph and let him tell you some of the funniest and most incredible fishing stories imaginable. Fello has fished with many of the great American fishermen like Roland Martin, Jimmy Houston and Jerry Rhyne. A $10 tip might be in order.

Another local legend is Tomas Marino, the man most Americans know as the man most responsible for the incredible duck, dove, quail and white crowned pigeon hunting that has helped to make the city of Moron famous. Tomas is now at retirement age and you also might want to visit his home and let him tell you about some of the world's greatest hunters and stories about hunting and life in Cuba. The man wears a perpetual smile, maybe the friendliest of all Cubans. Get your picture made with him, an autograph and a delightful human experience. Likewise a $10 tip might be in order.

Another local legend was Rafael Cabrerra , a man who recently passed away, but who was known by many experts as the best bone fisherman in the entire Caribbean. Rafael, thanks for the memories!

Ciego de Avila Province is rapidly becoming one of the best opportunities for foreign investment capital. If you don't believe it, just check with the Italians, Germans and Canadians who are already working and investing in the Province.

Cuba's top investment experts live in this area like Francisco Herrera and his son Yuri, Raul Naranjo, Tito Jemenez, Oscarito Munos, Casamiro Fernandez (boss of Cubatur) and Tania Toledo Perez. We can arrange for you to meet these people or you can invite them to meet you in Mexico, Canada or Nassau! Delightful people....all of them!

The City of Moron has two nice places to stay and some very good private homes. The Moron Hotel is a 144 room hotel, newly remodeled, with air conditioning, satellite TV, swimming pool and a red hot disco. The Club Casa y Pesca is a beautiful two story facility with only seven rooms. The pool is nice and the food is excellent. If all are full, ask around for one of great private homes with rental rooms. You won't be disappointed!


Ciego de Avila City is the capital of the Province. It has about 85,000 citizens and one can find plenty to see and do here. The best hotels are the Hotel Ciego de Avila, a 144 room hotel (photo above); Hotel Santiago-Habana, a hotel with 76 rooms and the Motel Las Canas, about 5 miles west of the center of town with 74 rooms in prefabricatd cabins. The price is right.

A very interesting place is the village of Jucaro, a fishing village on the south coast near the Bay of Anna Maria. This is the real Cuba.

Of course, the top two attractions are no doubt Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo. Three hotels are complete and three more are under construction at Cayo Coco. Two are the Hotel Cayo Coco and the Hotel Caribe.

Cayo Guillermo offers two hotels named after Hemingways home and one of his other famous fishing spots, Villa Vigia and Villa Cojimar.


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