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Cienfuegos, Cuba


      Hotel La Union


History tells us that Christopher Columbus sailed into the Cienfuegos Bay in 1494.  The city of Cienfuegos has slightly over 100,000 people.  It is 349 km SE of Havana and 69 km SE of Santa Clara City.  The port is known as one of the quietest in the world.

A new hotel the Hotel, La Union has recently opened.  Americans love it.

Other hotels are the Jagua, and Pasacabalo, two middle class hotels.

The Botanical Gardens in the city of Cienfuegos are among Cuba's finest.

The one and only nuclear reactor in Cuba is located just northeast of  the city.  Construction on this facility stopped years ago after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

About a one hour drive from Cienfuegos is the city of Trinidad, Cuba's oldest city and a must visit for anyone in the region.