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Information for Cuban Americans traveling  with a Cuban Passport


Procedures for booking a flight to Cuba

  1. For those that qualify to travel to Cuba under either a general license or specific license we suggest that you begin your preparations at least two months in advance of your travel date.
  2. You must have a license to travel to Cuba. A general license applies to diplomats and journalists traveling on official business or those traveling to Cuba to visit a close family relative in humanitarian need and have not been to Cuba in the past twelve months. A general license requires no prior approval. Please consult "Who can visit the Republic of Cuba" as mentioned above.
    If you need a specific license, which requires written government approval, we recommend you acquire that approval before proceeding with a reservations.
  3. After you have acquired your visa you need to choose your travel dates and purchase your ticket.

Visa Information

Cuban Americans traveling with a Cuban passport to Cuba must have a visa from the Cuban government prior to reserving your flight or have your passport stamped by the Cuba Interests section.

For those born in Cuba you must have 5 photographs and must fill out the visa application form with five copies. In addition there is a separate requirement for those who permanently left Cuba after December 31, 1970. Those that left Cuba after this date are required to have a valid Cuban passport. If you do not have a Cuban passport and you left Cuba after December 31, 1970 you must contact the Cuban Consulate in Washington D.C. to get the required paperwork (202) 797-8609, 797-8610 or FAX (202) 797-8521.

Those Cubans that left Cuba permanently prior to 1959 can acquire a slightly less expensive visa called a 359 Visa. This visa must be acquired directly with the Cuba Interests section in Washington D.C.

All travelers must have either a United States passport or residency card that is valid at least six months after the planned travel date.

Those travelers that were not born in Cuba must provide two photographs and fill out a separate visa application form with five copies.

Generally speaking you should allow thirty days for the processing of your visa.