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Havana Province



In 1975, Cuba went from 7 provinces to 14.  As a result Havana province was born.   Havana Province now acts as sort of a safe rearguard for the capital city, the nation's main tourist destination.

A nice place to relax away from the noise of the big city.  Here you can find lots of agriculture and fishing due to its fertile lands and teeming coastal waters.

Only 25 minutes away from the capital, on the way to Pinar del Rio, we find El Salado, where Cocomar Villa offers excellent conditions for both diving and relaxation.  The latter is particular attractive given the magnificent coral reef near its beach.

Those who love rural surroundings can find refuge in the Las Yagrumas Hotel, located right by the Ariguanabo River, one of the province's main waterway.  And along the north coast of the province, in a town called Santa Cruz, thousands of people enjoy an annual vacation in direct contact with nature by visiting the region's many campsites.

The construction of a few hotel facilities in Jibacoa, near the border with Matanzas, promises to turn this area and its magnificent beach into a great destination for tourists who will enjoy the attractive view from the Peñon de Jibacoa, a hill that overlooks beautiful stretches of white sand and quiet water.

Also located nearby is the largest rum factory in Latin America, where all varieties of the world-famous Havana Club are distilled, as are other savory liquors with the taste of exquisite varieties of Cuban fruit, all of them essential to those who enjoy good cuisine.  Kilometers of coastline showcase oil wells where the endless pumping of “black gold” and natural gas can be observed.  The largest wells are located in Boca de Jaruco and Puerto Escondido.

The focal point in the south of the province, characterized by low, muddy such coastlines, is Surgidero de Batabanó, the transfer point to the Isle of Youth and an important port for capturing chelonians, lobster and shrimp.  It also features one of the most important sea-sponge reserves in the country.

Agro-industrial complexes—where sugar cane is harvested and its sweet product is obtained—complete the Havana panorama where, despite the area's relatively few hotel facilities, tourism is growing as a result of the region's proximity to the capital, as well as of its green fields, blue waters and the amicable spirit of its inhabitants, who are always willing to offer visitors the best side of their homeland-and of themselves.




Gandhi Monument at a park in Havana