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Matanzas Province is known mostly for two places.....Varadero Beach and the Bay of Pigs.  Matanzas province borders on Havana Province to the West and Villa Clara Province and Cienfuegos Province to the East.

Matanzas is the second largest province area wise and has about 650,000 people.  There are lots of orange and grapefruit plantations.  Chile and Israel are big business partners for the citrus in Matanzas Province.

Much of the southern coast is swampland in the area known as the Zapata National Swamp (Great bird watching).  The north coast is mostly rocky around Matanzas City and sandy at Varadero Beach.  Varadero Beach is known far and wide as the most beautiful beach in the world.  It is located on the Hicacos Peninsula that is about 21 miles long.  Currently there are about 60 hotels and is the number one beach destination in Cuba for Americans and other foreign travelers.