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Cuba: Angler's best chance for a new world record bass


We are not currently booking bass fishing in Cuba.



We have confirmed at least a dozen bass larger than the world record that were caught in Cuba, but not one was caught legally.

All modern day fishing records, with the exception of the world record bass, have come from a Cuban lake. The best overall bass fishing trip in history, the most bass over 10 pounds and even about a dozen bass known to be larger than the world record have all happened in Cuba. With the stocking of a new forage for the bass to eat in Cuba...a new world record is probably just a matter of time. 

I sometimes say there are more lakes and rivers in Cuba (1000 lakes and 200 rivers) than there are fishing rods.  I jokingly say there are probably five times as many lakes as there are boats that bass fishermen can fish out of.  Wow!


20 pounder, 13 pounder, and a 15 pounder all caught at different lakes in Cuba.

We have been helping American bass fishermen get to Cuba for the past 28 years.  We are responsible for More than 8,000 fishermen getting there.



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Hanabanilla Hotel

Cuba has about 1,000 lakes, some of them are:   

Lake La Brije

Lake Buffalo

Lake Zaza

Lake Hanabanilla

Lake Granizo

Lake Redonda

Lake Porvenir

Lake Cuyaguateje

Treasure Lake

Lake Alacranes

Laguna la Leche

Lake Chambas



The Cubans have passed what is known as Decree Law 164.  Eventually, after all the El Ninos and La Ninas (the past 5 years) have ended, five of our Cuban lakes will begin receiving special protection similar to what we have at National Parks in the United States. Two more Cuban Lakes have been given "100% catch & release" status. To the best of our knowledge no other lakes in the world receive this kind of an environmental protection. Cuba is the last frontier for a bass fisherman!

A few things you might want to know about the Cuban bass:  The current world record is 22 pounds four ounces, caught from Montgomery Lake in Georgia.  The record holder is George Perry and the bass was caught in June of 1932.  The bass is cold blooded so it's body temperature is the same as the water.  Some say there are 13 million bass fishermen in the United States while others report there are as many as 31 million.  The ideal water temperature for the bass is 65-75 degrees. Most of the time the water  temperature is warmer than that in Cuba except around  the winter months from November thru March.  Bass can hear thru their lateral line and their inner ear.  Male bass seldom exceed four pounds in weight.  Bass can swim at speeds of 14 MPH or faster.  A bass is considered an adult once it reaches about 12 inches in length.  The Cuban bass is believed to grow slightly faster and be slightly more aggressive than the Florida bass. Bass were first introduced into Cuba around 1915 by people from the Kings Ranch and the United Fruit Company.  Many believe the best time to fish for bass is three days before and three days after the new or full moon.  Since temperatures in Cuba vary only about seven degrees from the coolest month (February) to the warmest month (August), American bass fishermen have visited Cuba all year around.  At least a dozen bass that would exceed the current world record are believed to have been caught in Cuba.  All but one were caught using live eels.

We have several environmental programs that we believe makes us eligible to visit Cuba legally.  One of these programs was developed by the world's finest fish scientist (an American) regarding the largemouth bass.

Not one of our clients has ever had any legal problems with the U.S. government over travel to Cuba, and we are happy to say that if any ever do, some of our Constitutional lawyer friends will provide "free" lawyers and "free" defense, no matter where you live in the United States. When you travel to Cuba, it is nice to have that extra feeling of legal security.

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We are not currently booking bass fishing in Cuba.


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