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Pinar del Rio


The westernmost province in Cuba, also called the green province, is a gift of nature. Tobacco is grown in its extraordinary fertile lands and valleys. this tobacco is used to produce the Habanos or Cuban cigars, the best in the world. Pinar del Rio has two mountain ranges. One of them is the Sierra de los Órganos, of great geological interest, including the Vinales Valley with it mogotes or pincushion hills, and many caves, including the Indian Cave and the Santo Tomás Cave System. Viñales is the ideal place for walking, hiking and watching local autochthonous species. The other mountain range is the Sierra del Rosario which is considered Natural Reserve of the Biosphere and one of the oldest mountain systems in Cuba. There you will find the Soroa Lookout Point, its the Orchid Garden and the Waterfall. Soroa has been called the rainbow of Cuba. There are keys at the north  and at the south of Pinar del Rio with beautiful and warm transparent water: Cayo Levisa and Cayo Largo.