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A peaceful, beautiful, Bay of Pigs


The time to speak out is now. This relationship between the American people and the Cuban people must be allowed to flourish. The American people, at least 288 million of us have been quiet too long. Now it is time for us to have our turn. A handful of Cuban Americans have controlled the policies toward Cuba far too long. Their efforts have failed. In the process, they have cost the rest of us our "freedom to travel". They have contributed $4.4 million (bribe money) to our Congress and several $million more to the White House in order to have control of the foreign policy toward Cuba. As a result, we, the American people lost our travel rights, our politicians have lied to us (about the reasons for the travel ban), they have gotten legislation that is starving their own relatives into submission and damaging the health of numerous Cuban babies and others. This Helms-Burton legislation has made 100% of our allies angry with us. Is it worth it? I say "no"! The above photo is one of the peaceful Bay of Pigs, a place this nation once tried to invade!


HERE IS WHAT WE CAN DO: Go to Cuba! Find out the real truth about how the Cuban people are and why they have not thrown out Fidel Castro. If you see Cuba anything like I see Cuba and most Americans that have gone to Cuba, go simply to see Cuba as it really is....then you might want to take action. What kind of action. Truly democratic action: Demand that the travel sanctions end! Demand that Congress immediately approve the sale of food and medicines, with adequate support mechanisms (like financing) to the Cubans. This will also help American farmers. Demand that direct flights to Cuba be approved. Get on the case of your congressman and Senator....we can throw those on the take "out of office". The vast majority in the House of Representatives and the Senate now favor an end to this insanity.  CNN reported recently that their poll showed 86% of the American people favor an end to the Embargo.  A hand full of right wing Republicans and the President of the United States (George W Bush), is all that stands in the way of a return to some REAL FREEDOMS in this country.  Enough said????

In the end, why pay attention to this web site?  I (Dan Snow) have been to Cuba more than 150 times over the past 25 years. I have been to jail over the "freedom to travel". I have been in over 15 courts and now have the witnesses who can tell us everyplace that our government lied to us in order to get this travel ban and these trade sanctions in place. I have the sworn testimonials of our own former State Department and CIA officials.  I have done my part....now I need your help.

We are supposed to be the freest nation on earth....all I say is, let's be it!


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