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Hotel Telegrafo  - Old Havana


Located in Old Havana, this authentic luxury hotel goes back in time to remind us of how things were during the 19th century. The Telegrafo is Cuba's oldest hotel.  Its elliptical facade reveals the architectural evolution of the hotel.  Its original conception goes back to the first two stories that were the prelude for the third story making it look a more contemporary building.   Its inner sites discover the ruins of the main central patio where the snack-bar is located.  Its big half arches without plaster reveal bricks and masonry which contrasts with the modern design of the hotel.  It has a big ceramic mural, in the form of a collage showing elements of Havana's colonial architecture and  the fountain which magnify the  patio and its surrounding old ruins.  The international restaurant is located on the ground floor of the building.  Its decorations with contemporary furniture transmit a classic atmosphere to the open halls lit by stained glass.  There are 63 spacious rooms.  This hotel has class.

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