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Arthur Frommer, known as the dean of travel, in the United States suggests that travel is not a mere luxury but a basic right that government must not abridge.  He went on to say that Travel is a form of education, perhaps the very best form of education.  Absent the most compelling wartime conditions, government has no more right to interfere with that educational process than it has to prevent us from listening to a lecture, attending a course, or reading a book.

One CNN poll (Wolf Blitzer Show) indicates that 86% of the American people want an end to the Cuban Embargo.  Sadly, those at the top in Washington DC, have preferred to accept the bribe money coming from the right-wing of the Miami Cubans, instead of heeding the will of the people.

The House of Representatives has passed the "freedom to travel to Cuba" legislation in each of the past three years.  So far, the Republican leadership, has been able to block it from coming to a vote in the Senate.  Even if the Senate approved, and we believe it would, President George W. Bush has already said he would "veto" it.  Why not!  He and his brother Jeb went to Miami on May 20, 2002, and pocketed $2 million from the Miami-Cubans with the promise he wouldn't let conditions with Cuba improve.  You could say the Bush family "sold out"......if you won't, I just did!

Enlightened Americans know what is going on, but unfortunately those in Washington DC, are still in the drivers seat.  98% of them were returned to office in the vote of November 4, 2002.  In reality, it is a futile effort for the American government to try to stop Americans from exercising "the freedom to travel".  The Soviet Union couldn't do it and the American government can't either.

80,000 Americans went to Cuba last year, 60,000 went illegally.  I encourage that.  You can go knowing that the Supreme Court ruled in 1962, the travel was a Constitutional Right.  You can also go knowing that the United States is in violation of it's own signature on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights...Section 13.2 that says any citizen of any country can leave his country and then return without fear of prosecution or persecution.  You should also know that the United States of America is in total violation of the travel principles spelled out in the Helsinki Agreements that President Gerald Ford signed on August 1, 1975! 

When Uncle Sam sells our freedoms to the highest bidder, we have to take them back in the best way possible.  What difference is there if Saddam Hussein, Osama Bin Laden, Bill Clinton, Jesse Helms or George W. Bush threatens our cherished freedoms?  The best way to get them back is by just going.  Give me a call, let me tell you how you can go to Cuba trouble free and risk free.

   Cuba Travel USA .  We were the first Americans to sign a contract with Cuba after their Revolution.  It was on July 4, 1977.  We are responsible for more than 25,000 Americans traveling to Cuba trouble free.  Not one has been prosecuted, jailed or fined.  We specialize in Americans and offer trips to Cuba from all the gateway cities like Cancun, Mexico City, Nassau, and Grand Cayman.  We have opened businesses in 10 of the 14 Cuban provinces.  We are the most experienced and many say the best.  We are also the leaders in the fight against the White House, and the Congress to restore the "freedom to travel" to Cuba.  86 % of the American people now agree with our position (CNN poll....Wolf Blitzer Show)

Legal Advice and Assistance

Make sure that you and all of your family and friends are familiar with our efforts to protect Americans traveling to Cuba from the repressive efforts of the US government trying to steal your "freedom to travel."  All the details are on our website www.cubatravelusa.com  Just click on the "Travel Tips" button at the top of the home page or contact one of the two Constitutional Law Firms that will defend you, in most cases for free, listed below.

 National Lawyers Guild -- The National Lawyers Guild's Cuba subcommittee works on issues around Cuba, particularly ending the U.S. Blockade.