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See the Real Cuba!

Some Americans might be interested in getting outside of Havana and Varadero Beach and see the real Cuba! There is a remarkable difference. The people are even friendlier and more beautiful!

At Cuba Travel U.S.A., we have helped to set up businesses in 10 of Cuba's 14 different Provinces over the past 30 years. In our opinion, several areas of Cuba just seem to stand out head and shoulders above the other areas of Cuba.

Why? We can't be sure, but it just seems that everyone from the top party officials down to the working class and even the children are simply something special. We hope you might want to come and see for yourself!

One of those very special areas is the city known as Moron (pronounced like "more-own"). It is in the Province of Ciego de Avila and is located in the central part of Cuba.

We have been taking groups of Americans to the Morón Hotel ever since it first opened and have watched it progress down through the years. The Moron Hotel is located in the city of Morón, a medium sized Cuban city of about 50,000 people. It seems to us like this 144 room hotel has been the center of attention in this part of Cuba ever since it opened.

Why? We think it is because the people have been actively involved. The hotel has a swimming pool, it has a disco, it has a gift shop, it has a barber and beauty shop. In fact, over the years some of the best entertainment in all of Cuba has come to entertain the people and the guests of the hotel.

We all have our favorite places to visit. Mostly, cities become famous because of the people. In America, we have cities known for their friendliness such as the "city of brotherly love" and other such titles earned by the friendly people in that city. Cuba is the same!

One of the areas nearby is known for its cattle and so you see Cuban cowboys everywhere. It is famous for the cattle ranching. Another city nearby is the oldest city in Cuba and even another city nearby has the reputation for producing Cuba's most beautiful women. Frankly, you can see all of these places while on a trip to the Moron Hotel in the city of Moron, Ciego de Avila, Cuba.

One of the main reasons that makes the Morón Hotel so pleasant nowadays is that it is the training school for Cuban tourism workers planning to man the hotels at Cayo Coco, Cuba's second most famous beach area. Cayo Coco will eventually have 22,000 hotel rooms spread along it's 15 mile long white sandy beach and so it is going to need many trained workers.

The students at the Moron Hotel are going to school for a period of two years. Here they learn every aspect of working with tourists for Cayo Coco. They learn a language, management, front desk work, telephone operator, elevator operator, waiter, waitress, bartender, kitchen work, maid service, laundry service and on and on and on.

There are more than 20 language teachers teaching English, German, Italian, etc.

American tourists can participate. You can take Spanish lessons, you can take dancing lessons, and do many things you always wanted to do.

You can go to the beach, you can visit a Cuban's home, you can visit a fresh water lake, you can shop, you can horseback ride, you can bike ride, you can hike, you can fish, you can scuba dive, you can snorkel, hunt, or bird watch.

So, if you want to see the real Cuba....you really aren't interested in the political arena in Havana or the resort type atmosphere of Varadero Beach.....you might consider the city of Moron.

If you don't speak Spanish well and you really want to make your trip more enjoyable, you can hire an English interpreter / tour guides through the hotels in Havana....They will make your trip much more enjoyable and their prices are very reasonable.


Cuba Travel U.S.A. was the first American company to sign a contract with the Cubans after their Revolution. It was on July 4, 1977, and we have taken thousands of Americans to Cuba since. In this area of Cuba we enjoyed a 99% satisfaction ratio. Only 3 of 1700 of our clients that completed a survey form, said they would not want to return to Cuba. That is amazing! If you want to hear more about this area of Cuba or other areas of Cuba outside of Havana or Varadero Beach, give us a call   at 760-487-5212 or email us at reservations@cubatravelusa.com .


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