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Villa Baracoa (Porto Santo)

This hotel has a total of 60 rooms spread over 2 floors and is situated in an old colonial fort. Located on top of a slope, with panoramic views of the mountains, the city and one of the nearby bays. The famous Yunque de Baracoa can be clearly seen from the hotel. Alternatively, you can also book accommodation in Porto Santo complex, located next to Baracoa Bay and close to the airport. In the small private beach, legend has it that Christopher Columbus planted the famous Cruz de Parra, considered the oldest religious object conserved from the arrival of the Spanish in America. Facilities include a lobby with 24-hour reception, hotel safe, cafe, bar, restaurant and parking.
The accommodation can be booked both the Castle complex as that of Porto Santo, as selected guests. The hotel does however, reserves the right to assign guests to either resort depending on availability.